Support staff

Before the beginning of the cooperation with our clients a leader employee is always sent from the support staff to training and to listen to all requirements, standards and expectations of customers about doing the cleaning.

Afterwards an employee of support staff creates a cleaning schedule plan and trains the number of workers determined by the client. The leader of the cleaning then goes to check on complying the beforehand set schedule plan (always 1x a week at minimum)

Since our cleaning company consists of a large number of employees and support staff, we are able to quickly replace a sick or unsuitable worker for someone else.

All our employees and support staff are thoroughly checked, a condition for their job in a cleaning company is to have no criminal record, be trained in the field, trained for working safety, as well as carefulness, reliability and friendly behavior.

Services offered by our cleaning company are of attractive price level beginning at just 95 Kč per hour each worker! All depends on the number of workers, support staff and total hours worked for your company or household. Increasing the number of workers automatically reduces the hourly fee.

Cooperation with our cleaning company is done based on a contract of work, where our responsibilities are clearly specified, as well as the price of services offered by us, compensation of employees, contact persons, control system etc.


To every order our cleaning company approaches individually and we will gladly in person show our customers a plan for decreasing the final cleaning expenses. The key to our work is reliability, quick and quality done services and it’s all up to you to find out for yourself how much we fulfill these resolutions.

Clients have the possibility to get hold of our special discount that is prepared for them by our cleaning company under the circumstances that for ordering services they use an online form via internet. This kind of order also saves the customers time and allows him to make a reservation on cleaning services 24 hours a day straight from the comfort of his home!

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