Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is an advanced method that combines high efficiency with absolutely environmentally friendly. During steam cleaning the surface to be cleaned under pressure jetted hot steam, which dissolves all grease, penetrates into all inequalities, kills dust mites, germs and microbes flea eggs and is then vacuumed back into the machine. This allows you to very easily get a perfectly clean room.

What is steam cleaning for?

  • hoods and other heavily polluted places in the kitchen
  • radiators and other hard to reach objects
  • joints and expansion joints, which cannot be cleaned by other methods
  • Toilet and similar sites with a higher concentration of dangerous microbes

Steam is a gas, so it is easy to get to all the loopholes, gaps and inequalities. This makes it suitable for use in rugged surfaces, corners and inaccessible spaces. Suitable also for cleaning areas with higher concentrations of dangerous microbes and germs.

Dry steam is suitable for almost all surfaces. Exceptions are unpainted wood and other similar absorbent natural materials. If you are unsure whether you fit steam cleaning, consult your problem with our experts.

Ecology is green!

Steam cleaning works without using any chemicals, merely due to the characteristics of hot steam. Therefore, it is friendly to the treated material and the environment. Costs are also lower because the steam cleaner uses only a small amount of water (the water into steam when swells up to 1700 times ).

Why steam cleaning?

  • high efficiency in removing grease, stains and germs visible
  • fast cleaning process will save you time and money
  • long-lasting effect due to the destruction of all germs, bacteria and dust mites
  • ecological and environmental friendliness given a simple and effective principle

As confirmed in a study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health ( ), while the use of high-quality vacuum cleaner allergen over time rather rapidly increasing, after steam cleaning allergens falling. This is due to the fact that hot steam kills germs and dust mites and other microbes, so their population cannot be renewed.

Steam Cleaning to clean up after a few minutes of pollution that would not work without the proper equipment to clean up even for the whole day. This saves a lot of time and money.

Why choose our company?

Unlike other companies, we have the cleanup several advantages that you may be a reason for it to steam cleaning just call us:

  • We use quality equipment. Generously to clean equipment and use only the most modern branded machines.
  • We have a great experience. In the field we operate a number of years.
  • We can work today. We will be happy to oblige in everything including cleaning time.

Contacts and references

If you are looking for a quality steam cleaning, please contact us. We will prepare a free quote, we advise using a steam clean everything you will need. The request also sends the required reference. Assuming you meet all aspects. We look forward to a successful cooperation.

Healthy sleep is very important for life, because we spend in bed a quarter to a third of all of your time. For the selection of suitable sites for the location of the bed and buy a quality mattress but care bed end cannot. Even the best mattress is dirty, settles in her tiny pieces of skin and hair, and dust mites.

According to current scientific research can be square inch mattress billions of germs. An essential solution is to clean the mattress. And as for the professional cleaning of mattresses, Prague is definitely not for other cities behind.

How to build a clean mattress ? One can of course try the mattress clean yourself. It should be noted that it is not just the best option. Without professional equipment and professional products, the effect is high. Another option is to have your mattress cleaned in a specialized center. Here, however, is the need to move the mattress and in addition several days waiting for the execution of the order.

The ideal way is because cleaning mattresses in your home, but by professional firms. A quality mattress cleaning perfomed by our export companies will bring.

  • very healthy environment of your bed
  • the long-term effect of purging the mattress in depth
  • no worries with mattresses to transport wastewater
  • good sleep, better mood, better work performance

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