Sport and cultural spaces

Across the whole area of CR our cleaning company provides cleaning works 7 days a week 24 hours a day and cleans all spaces, according to the demand either one time or regularly. All orders in our cleaning company are dealt with less than 24 hours from obtaining the order and after phone agreement a personal meeting is set in case of interest. Because all cleaning has an individual approach in our cleaning company we try to fulfill all wishes and requests of our customers and do the desired cleaning works as best as we can.

Our cleaning company employs only workers with no criminal record, a statement from that is a integral part of the enclosed job contract with our cleaning company and is shown upon request. The employees are equipped with modern cleaning technologies and chemistry and during the cleaning itself they are obligated to wear a uniform with a visibly placed ID with a photograph.


On demand we will create a non-binding price calculation of the planned cleaning services, eventually we will send you a proposal of the contract of work, and that into 60 minutes from obtaining all documents.

Cleaning the areas of sport or cultural facilities:

  • Regularly: emptying the bins
  • Adding bags,
  • Wiping all easily reachable surfaces,
  • Wiping telephones,
  • computers,
  • organizers,
  • fingerprints from doors and door frames,
  • wiping and polishing glass surfaces and windows
  • wiping frames of the entrance doors and cleaning their glass
  • sweeping the entrance stairway
  • sweeping and mopping floors,
  • vacuuming carpets,
  • cleaning toilet bowls and its disinfection,
  • wiping the sink
  • polishing mirrors,
  • removal stains and prints from tiles,
  • sweeping and mopping floor with the use of disinfection
  • adding toilet paper, soap and towels
  • washing and disinfecting showers and else

Once a week:

Wiping the inside of boxes, waste bins from both sides, objects on the walls, sockets, switches and door handles, bases for chairs and armchairs, lamps, heaters, wiping all hard to reach areas, remove stains from carpets, upholstered chairs and vacuuming seats, wiping bars …

Once a month:

Removal of dust from window sills and radiators, the total wet dusting of doors and door frames, wet washing fixtures, dusting furniture from vertical surfaces, disinfecting washable floor surfaces, vacuum cleaning of all areas, wet wiping all tiles and washable wall coverings, etc.

Other cleaning services and cleaning works will be surely added after hearing the wishes of our clients. The working hours are set based on the demands of who orders the cleaning of sport or cultural spaces, also the cleaning worker will be chosen based on mutual sympathies. Cleaning and cleaning works can be done with the presence of the client or without it and in both cases he can determine which places the cleaning employee of our cleaning company isn’t allowed to enter. 

Our cleaning company has also prepared for you a special discount when demanding or ordering services online via internet!

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