Household cleaning

Into the hands of our cleaning company you can also trust cleaning of apartments or family houses, shortly any household cleaning. You certainly won’t regret having your household cleaned by our cleaning company and plus, you will save a lot of time, work and worries, which would certainly accompany household cleaning done on your own.
Our cleaning company doesn’t just devote perfect cleanness and faultless care to furniture, we also wash windows, floors, disinfect WC, bathrooms and kitchens, we remove ruins and provide other cleaning works according to the wishes of our clients.

We aren’t afraid of any high ceilings or unusually large areas, shortly; we are ready to clean homes of normal or abnormal sizes.

When cleaning household we use certified, harmless to health and environment friendly chemistry. Upon request we will show you documents about our professional activity proving our expertise for cleaning households or any other cleaning services along with the certificate of compliance with all required criteria of by us used detergents.

Because a home is the place of rest, it should be surrounded with comfort and tidiness. Our cleaning company will take care of that on a professional level! We clean households and apartments including all windows, floors, curtains and draperies, bathrooms, toilets, hallways, balconies or terraces etc. The variety of services is always set by the customer, but perfect quality by us. We comply European standards of cleaning companies and not only in the field of cleaning households we try to achieve harmony in our cleaning company that tries for further increase of satisfied clients.

Cleaning households fulfill every criterion and demand that could possibly be set for such cleanings. All work is always done by qualified workers of our cleaning company who appreciate their job. They don’t allow any reserves in household cleaning, plus they regularly pass new training.

Trust our cleaning company and be sure, that after our household cleaning your homes will just shine from all the tidiness.

And still there is more, we offer you gift vouchers for household cleaning that you can dedicate as desired relief from housework to all your close ones and friends.

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