Hotel cleaning

For your hotel or any other accommodation facility we will provide a team of trained workers who ensure cleaning services of the highest quality. Workers of hotel cleaning are equipped with modern cleaning technologies like mop carts with accessories, vacuum cleaning and other tools specific for cleaning works, especially for cleaning hotels, and of course certified detergents.

Their free criminal record has to be proven by all employees of our cleaning company with a statement, because a statement of a free criminal record in an integral part of the enclosed work contract with our cleaning company. Documentation is shown to our clients upon their request.

While the cleaning itself, all workers are obliged to wear a uniform and on a visible place an ID card with a photograph. Cleaning hotels and all other cleaning works are offered throughout the whole CR 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

In less than one day from obtaining your request for hotel cleaning, we will send you a proposal of the contract of work, afterwards a report will be finished and on its base a contract will be signed.

We will prepare and train a cleaning staff specialized for cleaning hotels, during the first week the whole system will be organized, a leading worker managing the hotel cleaning, a contact person for you, will determine the cleaning plan, technological procedures, used chemistry and eventually will recommend other qualifications for employees.



Cleaning hotels for your company depends on the number of contracted workers and the final number of worked hours when securing a hotel cleaning. In case of increasing the number of employees of hotel cleaning or worked hours the hourly rate is automatically reduced. On the whole we try to reduce the expenses on personal character.

Not only while cleaning hotels we appreciate our customers!  Our cleaning company will also provide cleaning of everything you can think of, and for attractive prices! Take a look at usual cleaning practice of our cleaning company when maintaining hotels!  

Room services

  • Emptying waste bins and adding bags
  • Wiping all easily reachable surfaces (shelves, tables, closets…)
  • removing fingerprints from doors and frames (entrance doors as well), polishing glass parts
  • sweeping floors and their mopping
  • regular air ventilating in rooms
  • upon agreement collection of bed laundry and transport to the cleaners
  • wiping side slats

– 1 x week: wiping lamps, waste bins from both sides, sockets, switches, door knobs, heaters, washing off dust from plants

Social facilities

  • washing and disinfecting toilet bowls
  • washing the sink
  • cleaning mirrors
  • removing prints and dirt from tiles
  • adding toilet paper, soap and towels
  • emptying the waste bin, adding bags
  • sweeping the floor and its mopping with using disinfection

Other services

  • reporting lack of cleaning equipment and chemistry and providing documents for ordering new material
  • reporting larger defects in individual rooms and in the whole hotel
  • reporting bad quality of bed laundry
  • handing over found objects
  • record of time needed for each room, records of used material
  • communication with the hotel keeper, handing over service to the keeper at 4.30 pm daily
  • complying to § 16 a control of following § 16
  • control of provided services
  • daily cleaning of all spaces of the hotel,
  • 1 x in 3 months a complete cleaning including washing windows, doors, lights,
  • stamping mattresses and coats, eventually depending on need of disinfection and deracination
  • after every change in accommodation a exchange of bed laundry
  • removal of overused or inappropriate bed laundry
  • according to the instructions of the doctor disinfection of laundry if infectious diseases occur 

Common areas

  • washing floors in ground floors and in higher floors near elevators
  • washing elevator floors
  • washing the stairway
  • washing connecting doors
  • washing and polishing glass
  • vacuuming carpets in halls and in the reception

For clients we secure:

Based on a personal interview one stable worker determined as the leader in cleaning the hotel, who will suit you in matters of personal contact as well as in first regular, later random checks of employees and work done by them.

  • Replacement for a unsuitable or sick worker
  • cleaning hotels according to your wish either with your presence or without it
  • banning entrance of our staff to places you determine

If you have any question for our cleaning company contact us without hesitating 24 hours a day via internet or phone! Any questions not only from the field of cleaning hotels will be gladly answered and your orders can be done from the comfort of your home!

We use:

Measuring cups for precise mixing of solutions, approved disinfectants and cleaning products while complying with instructions stated by the producer, personal protective equipment (coveralls, rubber gloves), first aid kits for ensuring first aid when working with disinfectants, 1x in 3 months exchanged disinfecting solutions with for another active form etc.

Preliminary order

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