General cleaning

Every day dust gets into our houses or apartments. Even though it is invisible in the beginning, later it creates a micro climate suitable for bacteria and other pathogenic germs that cause allergies. During regular cleaning most of the dirt is eliminated, but for the complete eradication a general cleaning at least once in 6 months is necessary. The most thorough and for housewives the easiest general cleaning can be done only by a cleaning company. Not only that our cleaning company will easily know what to do with accumulated mess, but cleaning companies are becoming more and more popular on the market of services.

General cleaning is secured by trained workers who have at hand modern cleaning machines and detergents, which are unaffordable for purchase in normal households. Cleaning workers of general cleaning perfectly well know working procedures and are qualified to tell the difference between cleaned materials. Different types of surfaces or materials require different kind of care and with professional general cleaning led by our cleaning company nothing will be damaged by inadequate care.

By signing a contract about general cleaning with our cleaning company and subscribing to our services many clients gain attractive discounts. Don’t hesitate and inform yourselves about the possibility to enroll the services of general cleaning and other cleaning works!

General cleaning of office areas:

Professional general cleaning in Prague was at first only for offices. Many owners of companies decided to trust the cleaning into the hands of qualified companies- cleaning companies because this way they got rid of everyday troubles concerning general cleaning and could avoid having to buy their own cleaning technologies on their expenses and responsibility.

Public areas are subject to mess with larger probability; therefore it is necessary to do cleaning at a professional level, with modern technologies, with health harmless detergents and in larger intensity than in household areas. Trust any general cleaning without any doubt to the hands of our cleaning company.

General cleaning or residential areas:

For general cleaning of apartments our experts will prepare a time schedule of the cleaning along with setting the needed equipment, machines and detergents.

A client, after ordering general cleaning will obtain services as for example polishing floors and chemical cleaning of them, dry vacuuming wet floor cleaning, washing radiators, glass, mirrors, doors, windows, furniture (including inner surfaces), caring of upholstered furniture, carpet cleaning, removing dust from the inside of equipment and  accessories, cleaning gutters, attics, wall and much more.

General cleaning of toilets:

General cleaning of toilets is one of the most responsible works of general cleaning. These facilities are under constant influence of humidity and warm temperatures and are therefore more sensitive to pathogenic organisms. General cleaning of toilets ensures thorough washing and disinfecting all objects, washing walls and floors, removing water stones, washing the bathtub and shower and more..

General cleaning of kitchens:

General cleaning of kitchens is a solution for the second most troublesome place in homes. Modern detergents of cleaning experts will have no trouble with old and baked dirt; they will clean and disinfect surfaces and will set a healthy inner climate. General cleaning of kitchens includes washing plates and other dishes, washing ovens, removing dust from cookers, wet kitchen furniture cleaning, unfreezing the fridge and washing refrigerators from the inside etc..

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