Which difference between prices Uklid Praha and another one?

How you can notice difference between our price and prices another cleaning company, we have standard prices. Our prices don’t surprise you. Uklid Praha adapt to each customer and his financial opportunity.

Exists a minimal price for cleaning which we have to pay always?

We have minimal price 960 kc (event. 960 kc + 12 Kc/km/trip outside Prague) for the first cleaning. This is minimal price for all new customers and one-time cleaning. We discuss individually a price with the regular customers.

Does Uklid Praha include transport costs? If yes, how much does 1 km cost?

Our company includes transport costs depending on the place where the cleaning will be (Prague or outside Prague). Transport costs in Prague are 300 Kc, outside Prague are 12 Kc/km. before we agree individually.

How soon can I complete the order after my application?

We can do a cleaning for you during 2 hours from the order, but the price will be individually. We do a cleaning usually until 24 hours from the order or later. When ordering earlier, our cleaning company can offer you better prices.

Can I be sure that all staff have clean criminal record and I can’t to have fear?

We guarantee that. Only a conscientious and non-conflicted staff with a clean criminal record is working in our cleaning company. Upon request, we may provide you with notarized copies of our staff’s criminal records.

Can I be sure that cleaning staff to really come to the place on that day?

Keeping all deadlines constant is one of the basic corporate rules for our cleaning company. You always have a guarantee of compliance with the deadline. If there is a delay in our fault, you get a cleaning discount or some kind of attention to see that our company values You, our clients.

I live outside of Prague. Is it worthwhile to use cleaning services from you?

If you find another cleaning company in your area, it may be worthwhile to contact them, because transport costs will always be reflected in the final price (outside Prague 12 Kc/km/trip).

Our cleaning company is here for you anytime!

We provide all cleaning work 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. And all this throughout the Czech Republic. Our experienced cleaning company is  always ready to provide you with complete cleaning services of the highest professional quality. We approach each client individually and always try to satisfy him in all the requirements so that he is fully satisfied. Our staff is all thoroughly inspected and are accepted to work in our  company according to demanding admission conditions.

Save time with us!

Save your irreplaceable time and handle everything  you need quickly, from your computer. The staff of our cleaning company Uklid Praha will answer all your question in the shortest possible time, throughout the 24 hours a day by the Internet and telephone line.

We will resolve any comments or requests with EXPRESS in minimum of time. You can see exactly how we proceed when you contact our company here.

The customer in our company is in the first place.

We will take care of all the worries that can mean to you cleaning, and you will only know the pleasant difference from the very beginning of our cooperation.

With our cleaning company you will see that the customer is the most important for us. To your  highest satisfaction, we are able to arrange cleaning  at any time of day  or night and any location in the country.

Take advantage of our discount, which the cleaning company Uklid Praha has prepared for you on-line demand and ordering services by the Internet.

What is the total cost of cleaning and what is the usual price?

The price is governed by the following parameters:

  1. It depends on whether it’s a first or regular cleaning. For regular cleaning our company gives discount in 10 %. The minimum price of a one –time cleaning for a new customer is set 960 Kc, if cleaning is carried outside Prague +12kc/km/
  2. Then it depends on the time you give us for cleaning up. If you need cleaning services within 24 hours, costs are 20 % higher. Uklid Prague can provide cleaning for you within 2 hours of ordering, but the prices are arranged on a case –by- case basis.
  3. The time when cleaning is done is also crucial. For example, at night cleaning work, we have to pay staff a night surcharge, which will be reflected in the final price we charge.
  4. The degree of soiling of the cleaned object is also important. If your building is heavily polluted and cleaning is very technically demanding, the cost of cleaning can be increased by 40 %.

We will adapt everything to our customers!

From the methods of carrying out all the offered work through the time when we perform the cleaning, to the smallest detailed properties of your needs and requirements.

Uklid Praha can also take care of general cleaning or maintenance of pavements and other outdoor areas. We also offer snow removal, leaves and other work.

We also provide window cleaning, professional extraction of carpets and upholstered furniture. Our regular and one-time cleaning services, among others companies,  highlight.

Go with the progress and leave all cleaning work to the professionals.

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