Cleaning windows

The sunlight is very important in a person’s life and certainly no dirty windows or unwashed shopping windows should prevent the sunshine into residential or commercial spaces. The cleaning of windows and shopping windows entrusted to experts in the field will save clients of our cleaning company time, physical energy or fear of heights in cases of high rise blocks or other higher placed glass.

The experts of our clearing company know how to make windows or shopping windows as glamorous and transparent as can be. In our company for washing windows and washing shopping windowswe use the best quality certified chemistry, all kinds of detergents and technical machines, we have a team of professional mountaineers and trained workers among us, plus we always wash windows in the shortest time possible and in all weather conditions! To join us truly pays off to customers of our cleaning company.

Chemical detergents and other materials used by our company don’t scratch the windows of our clients or damage them in any other way and don’t leave stains on the glass. We guarantee the quality in advance!

Ordering the financially advantageous services of our cleaning company will relieve a lot of stress in every household. Orders can be sent in via an online internet form 24 hours a day!

Washing windows
 and shopping windows consists of a certain number of steps that employees of our cleaning company regularly do with the largest diligence: dry and wet cleaning of window sills and frames, removal of old dirt from glass surfaces (paint, paste etc) cleaning windows with a special solution, removal of excessive humidity with a rubber scraper and following drying windows, shopping windows and other parts of the window.

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