Cleaning upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture has to be taken care of with special attention which counts in professional cleaning of upholstered furniture. Most people keep their upholstered furniture with a damp cloth and vacuum cleaner; unfortunately this doesn’t really help the life expectancy of sofa or couches. Likewise pieces from expensive materials like velvet or leather deserve high standard care.

Cleaning upholstered furniture has its specifics. The process of cleaning upholstered furniturecould be compared to chemical cleaning of curtains, but the difference is noticeable. When chemically cleaning furniture it is important that it is done through moistened material but in a way that the detergents don’t stay on the furniture. In such a case the drying of the cleaned furniture could last longer than 1 day. Different methods of cleaning furniture depend on different material types of household equipment.

Cleaning upholstered material takes up a lot of time since the stains are usually of organic origin and demand a special procedure. Another problem is the presence of dust mites and other microorganisms, which may cause allergic reactions to sensitive persons. Chemical cleaning of upholstered or any other furniture should not only remove all parasites but also ensure that they won’t appear in the furniture for at least another 6 months.

The work can be done manually but such a procedure is difficult and ineffective. Special cleaning companies, just as our cleaning company use so called extractors for such means. Work can be done also as dry cleaning- certified, harmless to health and able to rid household equipment of dirt, stains or smells or all kind.

There exist more kinds of procedures leading to dirt removal:

1) Chemical cleaning of upholstered furniture: this method is used for upholstered silk, wool, cotton or linen.

2) Cleaning upholstered and other furniture based on water soluble chemicals or hydrocarbons: used for materials such as polypropylene, acrylic, lavsan, polyester, lycra and many other synthetic materials. These textiles are highly resistant to scratches, they are strong, don’t wrinkle and don’t mind other methods of cleaning.

3) Chemical upholstery cleaning with obligatory use of protective layers: suitable mainly for suede which is not tolerant to solvents of organic dirt. Among other materials requiring high standard care belongs lining from polyamide fibers (nylon etc) which do not absorb moisture, are very resistant to scratches but have some disadvantages: low resistance to temperature and high level of electrification.

Our cleaning company ensures dry cleaning of office or home sofas, chairs, pillows, stools etc. In our cleaning company, thanks to first rate technologies and chemical detergents, we remove stains from coffee, food oils, mold, fungi and juices as well as from numerous other contaminating subjects, blood stains, green tea or urine (including animal).

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