Cleaning shopping centers

Especially cleaning large shopping centers brings along a lot of physical strain when done by unqualified persons or persons without appropriate technical machines. Our cleaning companyoffers a solution to both problems- a reliable team of qualified workers who appreciate their position plus a variety of the most modern cleaning technologies and detergents corresponding with European and hygiene standards and eliminating any allergic reactions.

The cleaning of shopping centers and shops includes: cleaning the shops space, cleaning the surrounding area, cleaning warehouses or the spaces of shopping centers where food is kept or where it is manipulated with, emptying trash bins, adding bags to trash bins, ground cleaning, cleaning the area in front of the entrance to the shopping center, wet cleaning, sweeping and disinfecting floors, cleaning and disinfection of hygienic facilities and more.

The one who orders cleaning of a shopping center at our cleaning company always chooses between regular, one time or even general cleaning. At our company specific conditions of cleaning and demands on it are discussed at a personal meeting at which our cleaning company will gladly and without charge create a non-binding financial plan of cleaning a shopping center or any other required cleaning. After the final contract is finished it states what the responsibilities of our cleaning company are and what agreed plan of cleaning shopping centers it has to fulfill during future cooperation.

The cleaning of shopping centers is surely one of the areas, where the services of our cleaning company can be very much welcomed. Thanks to our techniques we easily and quickly manage what other would struggle with for a long time, plus for cleaning we use renowned detergents and disinfections. No owner of a shopping center will regret that he signed a contract about cleaningshopping centers with our cleaning company!

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