Cleaning services

Since the foundation of our cleaning company it was clear to us, which way we want to head and how high (meaning the highest) standard of services we want to offer our clientele through our cleaning company. As the first we follow the best traditions of the world industry of cleaning services and the experiences needed for the leading place in the market. We act in a way so that our qualities meet the highest standard of modern times.

We pay great attention to training our employees and support staff; the management of our cleaning company secures such a working environment, in which every employee has interest in the result of collective work. 

With similar care we choose the detergents- and that only among the ones that are certified, with correct instructions from the producer, harmless to health and environment friendly. We didn’t forget about cleaning technologies which we, with hard work very well known to us, continuously modernize and liken to European trends. Only this way can our cleaning company be always able to on time and readily solve every set task.

With individual approach to every order our cleaning company creates an area of services that always go towards the client. He alone determines where, when and how often and in how many workers the cleaning services will be provided. He chooses between one time and regular cleaning, between cleaning with his presence or without it, according to his wish he prohibits entrance to some places, he can look into the documentation of employees etc.

What does our cleaning company offer?

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