Cleaning mattresses

Our cleaning company provides dry cleaning of office and domestic sofas, chairs, armchairs, pillows, stools, etc. With our high-tech and chemical products, our cleaning company removes coffee stains, edible oils, molds, mushrooms and juices, as well as from countless other contaminants, blood spots, green tea or urine (including animal).

Healthy sleep is very important to life, as we spend a quarter to a third of our time in bed. However, choosing a suitable place for bed placement and buying a good mattress can not take care of the bed. Even the best mattress gets dirty, tiny pieces of skin and hair, mites and dust settle in it.

According to current scientific research, up to a billion dust mites can be on a square of mattress. Cleaning the mattresses is a necessary solution. And when it comes to professional mattress cleaning, Prague is not far behind other cities.

How to clean a mattress? Of course, you can try to clean the mattress yourself. However, it should be noted that this is not the best option. Without professional machinery and professional products, the effect is not high. Another option is to have your mattress cleaned in some specialized center. However, there is a need to move the mattress and  to wait several days to process the order.

Therefore, the ideal way is to clean your mattress at your home, but by a professional company. Quality mattress cleaning provided by our professional company will bring you

  • a highly healthy environment for your bed
  • long-term effect  to deep mattress cleaning
  • no worries about transporting the mattress to the treatment plant
  • nice sleep, better mood, higher work performance


Quality mattress cleaning is the foundation of a healthy life.        So do not hesitate to contact our team of highly experienced and thoroughly trained professionals who will be responsible for cleaning the mattress. We know from experience that cleaning of mattresses in Prague will be appreciated if it is done in the highest quality. Therefore, we certainly do not encounter work that is not at the highest technical level.

Cleaning mattresses is an action that requires a highly professional approach, to which our workers are definitely prepared. Contact us if you want to increase the hygiene of your bedroom and prevent any asthmatic and allergic diseases from excessive dust and mites.

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