Cleaning chairs

Chairs, especially office chairs, are for many workers the place where spend much time. The chair must be comfortable, but its upholstered seating area is part of that comfort. It’s necessary to clean  the chairs. Our chair cleaning service is therefore suitable for any office, meeting room, or elsewhere.

Your chair deserves the right and proper care, so we also choose the cleaning method tailored to the type of chair, the degree of soiling or the shade of the upholstery, so that the result is always perfect. We can cope with every situation and when cleaning chairs we offer the finest hand cleaning as well as the most advanced and very efficient extraction method. Needless to say, all chemical cleaning products used in chair cleaning are harmless to health, on the contrary, they cause health benefits because they remove not only visible dirt but also mites, dust and other allergens or harmful germs from the chair.

Extraction method

If we approach the extraction method, as usual, then you will see a concert of the world’s most modern machines and a method that will provide your chair with bright clarity in an unexpectedly short time. In fact, the cleaning extractor blows hot water mixed with detergent into the pressurized upholstery but immediately sucks back the same water, but then, in addition to the detergent mixed with all the unwanted substances in the chair, the chair surface is dry after cleaning the chairs and the chair is ready, but this time it is more comfortable and healthier and more aesthetic.

How often, how long and how much to clean?

The extraction method can really clean up a lot of visible stains (such as food or drink), as well as microbes and dust microparticles invisible to the eye. As a result, the condition of your chair after cleaning will improve on all levels. Given the importance of chair cleaning, this procedure is recommended twice a year. Since the cleaning of one chair usually does not take more than fifteen minutes, it certainly pays to spend half an hour a year for comfort and sacrifice. You can always be sure of the perfect result with our staff.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If after reading this text, anything about cleaning your chairs is not clear, please contact our telephone line. Not only will we explain everything to you, but you can also order our staff right away (and it can be very soon after your call) and take care of the proper and professional cleaning of the chairs. Cleaning chairs has never been as easy as with our company.

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