Cleaning after reconstruction

Cleaning after construction works and reconstructions is a time and energy demanding process that requires special detergents and equipment. For this reason our cleaning company is here, to help you with your troubles and cleaning works.

Correctly and on a professionally level we will help with piles of rubble, old dust from dry construction mixtures, with stains from concrete, paints, fillings, glue and else. We won’t permit any damage to polished surfaces, the most efficient vacuum cleaners will be put to work and we won’t destroy furniture or floor coverings. The client, thanks to our cleaning works and cleaning services, will be cleared of physically stressing responsibilities, which could also lead to failure without the right technologies.

Cleaning offices after reconstruction includes:

  • wet floor cleaning with hard surface (laminate, granite, marble, tile, parquet, linoleum..)
  • wet or dry carpet cleaning, cleaning upholstered furniture and textile coverings
  • cleaning radiators from dust and dirt
  • cleaning pedestals from dust and dirt
  • cleaning all vertical and horizontal areas from dust and dirt
  • cleaning door and window units and other various glass areas (terraces, windows…)
  • cleaning vent holes from dust
  • complete cleaning of toilets
  • cleaning boxes, closets, crates…

Contact our cleaning company and convince yourselves about the qualities of cleaning done by us!

Depending on the type of area our cleaning company offers cleaning and cleaning works after reconstructions of offices, apartments, family houses or flats.

Professionally done cleaning works after reconstruction lead to complying hygienic norms of used spaces or offices, prevent from imperfectly done cleaning done on your own and don’t allow any allergic reactions to occur or any regress of chronic diseases caused by unqualified use of chemistry. 

Not only that in our cleaning company we offer our cleaning works and cleaning after reconstruction below the usual market price, but cleaning works are also done as fast as they can and always in such a way, that suits the owner of the cleaned areas. For this reason we first decide on a time schedule of cleaning with our clients, so no interrupting of office working hours or house area occurs.

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