Chemical cleaning of carpets

Carpets as all other house textiles very quickly undergo fouling and wear down. That is exactly why they need quality and regular maintenance- chemical carpet cleaning – which can also elongate their life span. To this, these areas are very vulnerable and without access to professional carpet cleaning, they can suffer a lot. 

By using first-rate technologies for carpet cleaning and well-trained employees of our cleaning company the carpets or upholstered furniture can gain back its color and unharmed structure. Besides that the deep effect of cleaning chemistry prevents the progress and spreading of pathogen micro flora which causes allergies and depression of chronic diseases.

Especially in offices and other commercial areas carpets suffer from high load and truly demand quality care such as chemical cleaning. Usual surface cleaning and vacuuming loses its sense. The foam applied by our cleaning company has thorough effect on the whole surface of the carpet and chemical cleaning easily deals with stains sunk deep down thanks to a steam generator.

Our cleaning company offers a wide variety of services which ensure chemical carpet cleaning as well as dry cleaning of carpets, sofas, various cloths, wool, furs and other textiles, which may be stained.

We provide 3 types of cleaning: dry cleaning, foam cleaning and cleaning by deep extraction. Every kind of chemical carpet cleaning is followed with the same procedure like pre-cleaning the surface, testing the impact of used chemicals, using deodorants or applying protective layers and more.

The prices set by our cleaning company will ensure your carpets quality, regular and cheap caring to increase their life span. It is surely very beneficial to contact our cleaning company rather than spend your money, time and physical energy into changing un-kept carpets for new ones!

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